Friday, May 04, 2007


Don't trust me! Don't ever trust me! If by any minute chance you're still under the impression that you can trust me, go chuck that thought in the bin! And, don't forget to slam that lid shut after you're done doing it!

I don't trust anyone. Not even myself. Infact, specially not myself! I am a person with a very loose mouth. What I hear today, will probably be the biggest piece of gossip circulating in the circles tomorrow! Courtesy, your's truly!

Do I want to trust someone? Hell I do!! So, where in would one think lies the problem?


  1. hmmmm..may i knw wht triggered off this post?.. 2 trust sum1,u shld 1st trust urself,so strt doin tht!..

  2. well, it seems extremely strange. u never talk like that... and especially not gossip! i have never heard u gossiping.... u rnt being serious, are u?

  3. "if you dont trust in yourself.. then who will???"
    and lukin at ur profile and ur earlier posts somehow i srsly doubt u da gossip dog!!

  4. is sumthin botherin u dese days??i mean y would ne1 tak like dat?ive never heard of a gossip strtd by u n i certainly dnt blieve dat.fix ur head sun....

  5. hey! didn't know that you blogged too...but well now that i have come across it... what the hell were you thinking when you wrote the last post????? i mean "don't trust" coming from a guy who can be trusted with everything possible on this planet saying that...wierd!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @♥Μőήιсå♥: Some events just did... And, since I don't really trust myself... How in the world can I trst someone else except for a complete stranger??

    @Sensations: I think I am pretty serious... I am trying to improve though... And, lets hope I do...

    @Ady: Looks and reads can both be deceiving... But then this isn't really a very clean-chit of a topic... It's much clearer when you think about it in term of degrees..

    Did that make any sense at all??

    @Harsh: Dunn yaar... I really dunno... Lets hope I a not all wrong in my head...!!

    @everything burns...: You actually think I am trustworthy?? Do you really, Jahnabi?? When have you ever come across anyone who's confided in me??